Recently Submitted Homework Problems for Following Grade: 6

132. i need help with this question:what is 9/10 of 80? (Answered)

152. how do you solve radicals in square root? (Answered)

319. I need to figure out 4 to the power of 2 plus 5 to the power of 2. (Answered)

2401. Coretta made 7 pies. She took 3 1/4 to the reunion and 1 1/2 to her work. How many pies were left over

776. 3 AND 7/12 divided by 2 and 2/3

1199. what are the examples of drill exercises in science

1366. Write true or false:
grasslands support the greatest varity of species (Answered)

1366. Write true or false:
grasslands support the greatest varity of species (Answered)

1749. write the number 11,251 in expanded form

1780. locate the integers on numberline -20 (Answered)

1780. locate the integers on numberline -20 (Answered)

1818. There were 60 students who tried out for the school play. Only 0.7 of the students were selected to be in the play. What fraction of the students were NOT selected to be in the play? (Answered)

1910. (16__4)___8=5___5__(3__3)___6
fill in the blanks (Answered)

1919. what is the formula for calculating density?

2020. explain why the following calculation is incorrect 18/6+3=18/9=2 (Answered)

2032. how can i find the least common multiples of 4,5 and 6? (Answered)

2034. Please help me to solve this question.
What added to 1-(4 )^1 to become equal to 7-3^1 (Answered)

2071. which of the following is not a solution
1 -coffee from Starbucks
2 - a can of canberry juice
3 - a bottle of soda
4 - a cloud (Answered)

2139. 3.9x0.5+4 5/6 / 3 3/7 (Answered)

2139. 3.9x0.5+4 5/6 / 3 3/7 (Answered)

2279. Pre Algebra Problem: A sequence is formed by adding 2 to the triple of the previous term. If the first term is 1, how many even numbers less than 10,000 would be terms of the sequence? Show the work and explain how you arrived at your answer in detail. (Answered)

2718. blank is 32% of 15 (Answered)

2757. Two riders on bikes are 100 miles apart. They begin traveling toward each other at the same time. One is traveling at 10 miles per hour. A fly begins flying between the bicycles starting from the front wheel of the slower bike. If the fly travels at 20 miles per hour flying back and forth between bicycles without losing any time, how far does the fly travelbefore the bicycles meet? I can figure out that the bikes will meet after four hours but that is not the question. (Answered)

2872. If you roll a 6-sided dice seven times, what is the probability that you will roll a 4 exactly four times? (Answered)

2890. as an integer, decrease two points is

a) -2
b) +2
c) -1
d) +1 (Answered)

2961. i need help with my algebra.

- 5 + 6x = 3x + 28 (Answered)

3072. The camera crew charge a flat rate of 900 for up to 10 hours a day and 75 per hour overtime for the crew each hour they work over the 10 hours.
2. You need to pay for the crew from the time they leave their base to the time they
return as travelling time is considered part of the working day.
3. The crew charge 50 for their vehicle each day irrespective of where the filming is taking place.
4. The crew charge 50p per mile for the distance they travel each day to and from their base. The crew are based in Bristol.
5. For the purposes of this exercise, you should assume Bristol, Birmingham and London are 100 miles in distance and 2 hours travelling time from each other.
Crew Schedule
1. Birmingham: 2 days filming for 10 hours each day, this does not include any
travelling time. The crew travel from their base at the start of the first day and return at
the end of the second day. The crew stays in Birmingham between the two days
2. London: 1 day filming for 9 hours. This does not include any travelling time.
Please complete these questions by writing your answers into the online application
section in the following format:
Crew hire costs / subtotal
Travel costs / subtotal
Total for Birmingham
Crew hire costs / subtotal
Travel costs / subtotal
Total for London
Overall Total (Answered)

3197. How do I find the circumference of a circle?

3514. four coins are tossed what is the probabilty of all heads? (Answered)

3578. how do you estimate the percent
4% of 802? (Answered)

3600. 3x-5=13 (Answered)

4115. Ken was climbing a flight of stair. While standing on a step, Ken realized that there were twice as many steps above he was step on,as there were below him. After ascending 8 more steps, he noticed that they were as many steps below him as they were above him. How many steps were there in the flight of stairs? (Answered)

4318. Frank weighs 45 pounds more than Elaine.if elaine weighs P pounds how much does frank weigh? (Answered)

4584. A cereal company adds baseball cards to the 3rd box, the 6th box, the 11th box, the 18th box, and so on for each case of cereal. In a case of 40 boxes, how many boxes will have baseball cards? (Answered)

4789. m + 1/4= 2/5 (Answered)

5012. Tonisha has $0 in her savings account. She deposits $40 every two weeks and withdraws $25 every four weeks. What will be he balance at the end of 24 weeks? (Answered)

5025. Tina wrote 20 +7x to find how much she earned for one pet sitting job and 15x for another job. Explain the diffrence between the expressions. (Answered)

5047. science question-what is the difference between thermal energy, heat and temperature? (Answered)

5058. I need help with a word problem.
The Vancouver Olympic committee put in place several energy-saving projects around British Columbia to make up for the 118,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases generated by the Olympic games. However that number represents just 44% of the total carbon footprint. What was their total carbon footprint? (Answered)

5097. my English book says "what is the tense of the underlined verb in each sentence". what does that mean

5170. 3/5x?=1 what is the ? =

5276. 20% of a man journey is 8km . the man complete journey is (Answered)

5325. in a isosceles triangle. one of the angles measurements is 28 degrees what triangles can i draw? (Answered)

5867. Directions: Label each group of words either declarative (dec), interrogatory (int), exclamatory (exc), imperative (imp), run-on (R), or fragment (frag).

1. There is little we can do to help, he is too stubborn.
2. Mr. Hanson is out of town, however, he'll be back soon.
3. Speak to Mr. Ng about that.
4. Are you sure that is the right answer?
5. Since the plant operated on a 24-hour basis, we finished.
6. Because the sun had shone all day, melting the ice.
7. Our apple trees have grown amazingly you should see them.
8. What a beautiful day this is!

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