Recently Submitted Homework Problems for Following Grade: college sophomore

63. 2sqrt(45) (Answered)

524. SOlve this equation: ((x-1)/(x))^2-(x-1)/(x)-2=0 (Answered)

1240. Determine whether (-5,-1) is a solution of 4x+6y=-4. (Answered)

1201. suppose x=-6tan(theta) and the angle theta is in the second quadrant. Write algebraic expressions for sin(theta) and cos(theta) in terms of x (Answered)

1311. Find the number of permutations when 5 objects are taken 1 at a time (Answered)

1592. Suppose that an object is 100 pounds when it is at sea level. Find the value of C that makes the equation true. r= the sq.root of C/w. (Sea level is 3,963 miles from the center of the Earth.) (Answered)

1796. If a number is decreased by 15 times its reciprocal, the difference will be 2. What is the number (Answered)

1859. derivative of pi over x^pi: pi/x^pi (Answered)

2023. 10 workers could do the job in 12 days. If 8 workers work for 5 days and then half of them quit, how long would it take the rest to complete the job? (Answered)

2171. find dy/dx if: y=x^(x^1/2) (Answered)

2171. find dy/dx if: y=x^(x^1/2) (Answered)

2178. Help me solve this problem. Find the number of units x that produces the minimum average cost per unit C in the given equation.
C = 0.06x3 + 59x2 + 1384 (Answered)

2368. Applications of differentials: A poster is to have an area of 180 in^2 with a 1 inch margin at the bottom and either side with a 2 inch margin at the top. What dimensions will give the largest printed area? (Answered)

2744. 4th root of w^12x^60
simplify assuming variables x & w may be negative (Answered)

4446. lim (csc8x)/csc5x

Find the limit (Answered)

4604. I need help with this problem: Let f(x)=3x-1; show that f^-1 exists (Answered)

4699. Prove (by using a point and a normal vector) that the plane whose intercepts with the coordinate axes are x=1, y=1, and z=1 is given by the equation x+y+z=1 (Answered)

5211. Carlos,Minerva, Rafael, Yolanda are students in a class of 14.4 students in this class are to be selected in random to present a report. What is the probability they are selected in that order. Round to decimal six places (Answered)

5268. a shipment of 250 netbooks contains 3 defective units. determine how many ways a vending maching company can buy three of these units and receive a) no defective units b) all defective units c) at least one good unit

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