Recently Submitted Homework Problems: algebra 2

220. how do you do this problem?
find the descriminant of x^2-7x+2=0 and describe the natural roots(Answered)

321. A tennis player is allowed 2 serves. Player X gets her first serve in 70% of the time. When that happens, she wins the point 80% of the time. If she misses her first serve, her second serve goes in 90% of the time. When this happens, she wins the point on her second serve 40% of the time.

If you know she won a point while serving, what is the probability Player X made her first serve? (Answered)

632. paella is a classic Spanish fiesta dish made from chicken,rice, and shellfish. One pound of chicken costs $1.00 and supplies 100 grams of protein. One pound of rice costs $.50 and supplies 20 grams of protein. One pound of shellfish costs $3.00 and supplies 50 grams of protein. If the resulting paella weighs 18 lb, costs $19.00, and supplies 850 grams of protein, how much rice, chicken, and shellfish were used?(Answered)

1405. help me solve this math problem... (x^2-4/x-1) / (x^2-3x+2/x+3)(Answered)

1410. Ahmed is posting 2 photographs on his website. He has narrowed his choices to 4 landscape photographs and 3 portraits. If he chooses the two photographs at random, find the probability of each selection.(Answered)

1429. simplify the following expressesions and state any restrictions
x^2 -4y^2
7x +14y(Answered)

1738. Solve for x (x-7)^4/3=1(Answered)

1779. Suppose a musical piece calls for an orchestra to start at fortissimo (about 90 decibels), decrease in loudness to pianissimo (about 50 decibels) in four measures, then in crease back to fortissimo in another four measure. The sound level s (in decibels) of the musical piece can be modeled by function s=10|m-4|+50 where m is number of measures.

1) graph the function for 0
2) after how many measures should the orchestra be at the loudness of mezzo forte (about 70 decibels)?(Answered)

1796. If a number is decreased by 15 times its reciprocal, the difference will be 2. What is the number(Answered)

1833. |x-1|= 5x+10(Answered)

1843. Identify the center and radius

-6x+y^2=-x^2-146+2y(square root of 141)(Answered)

1873. what is 3[f(x+2)] if f(x)=x^3+2x^2-4?(Answered)

2156. write each equation in standard form. identify A,B, and C :
0.75y= -6(Answered)

2222. how can i do this solving quaratic function algebraically x^2+13x+36=0(Answered)

2515. how do i use chunking to simplify 11/2y-6+4/2y-6(Answered)

2679. given the polynomial and one of its factors, find the remaining factors of the polynomial. some factors may not be binomials

x to the 4th +2x cubed +2x squared -2x -3 ;(x+1))

2914. 4(negative3x+1)=negative10(x-4)-14x(Answered)

2998. The value of a certain car depreciates according to v(t)=18500e^-0.186t, where t is the number of years after the is purchased new.

a) What will the car be worth in 18 months?
b) When will the car be worth half of its original value?
c) When will the car be worth less than $1000?(Answered)

3122. 9x^2+36x+y^2-6y+9=0
help solve please(Answered)

3206. (x+5)^6 the expansion of this equation(Answered)

3274. write an equation for the perpendicular bisector of the line segment joining two points. (2,2)(6,14)(Answered)

3424. simplify m ^2/5 *m^1/5(Answered)

3609. If there are 12 students, how many different groups of fives can be choosen?(Answered)

3646. Locate the points of discontinuity in the piecewise function shown below.

-(x + 1)2 + 2 ; - < x < -1
f(x) = -x + 2 ; -1 < x < 2
(x-1) ; 2 < x <

no points of discontinuity
x = -1 and 2
x = 2
x = -1

3801. I need some help with showing exponential growth on a graph and some other functions(Answered)

3818. the length of a rectangle is 10 inches longer than its width. If the area of the rectangleis 144 square inches, what are it dimensions?(Answered)

4517. 3x^2+29x-10=0

5825. Show that a/b divided by c/d = a/c divided by b/d for nonzero real numbers a,b,c,and d. Justify each step in your reasoning?(Answered)

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