Recently Submitted Homework Problems: business math

1570. (7n7+19n4+2)-(-9n4+4n7+13)(Answered)

1766. Work the following pricing problems for services rendered. (Round to tenths.)

Labor rate = $8.00 per hour
Labor time = 6 hours
Retail price of parts = $0
Total job cost = $86.00

What is the overhead % rate(Answered)

1966. The value of stock A changes -$3.68 and the value of stock B changes -$3.72.Which stock has the greater loss ? Explain(Answered)

1997. You are a profit-maximizing firm. Suppose there are two types of customers (50% of one type, 50% of the other) who shop in your specialty-clothing store. Consumers of type A will pay $100 for a coat and $40 for pants. Consumers of type B will pay $70 for a coat and $60 for pants. Your firm faces no competition and but it does pay for the clothing, $20 per coat and $10 per pair of pants, i.e. coat =$20 and pants=$10.

You can't price discriminate. You offer the same prices to all your customers.

(A) Suppose you post a price for a coat and a price for pants. What are the profit-maximizing prices to charge?

Answer: Price for coat = $_______ ; Answer: Price for pants =$_________

(B) Suppose instead that you only offer a bundle of one coat and one pair of pants (which we would call a suit.) What is the profit-maximizing price to charge for the suit?

Answer: Price for suit = $_______

(C) True or False: Profits in (B) with bundling are higher than in (A).

Answer: ________________

3516. At age 25, Bob started putting $2,000 a year in the bank account and continued for 30 years. Banks average 1.3% interest. How much money did he have when he retired at age 55? How much money did he invest in total?

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