Recently Submitted Homework Problems: geology

1928. If you had two metamorphic rocks, one that has garnet crystals and the other that has chlrorite crytals,which one could have formed at a deeper level in the Earth's crust?(Answered)

2228. How can a seismograph measure ground shaking if all parts of it must be attached to the ground?
2. On a seismogram, which waves arrive first, second, third and which arrive last?
3. What information is needed for seismologists to calculate the distance that a seismic station is from
an earthquake's epicenter?
4. If a seismogram records P-waves and surface waves but not S-waves, where was the earthquake
epicenter located relative to the seismograph and why?
5. Like the Richter scale, the magnitude moment scale is logarithmic. What is the difference in the
amount of energy released by an earthquake that is a 7.2 versus an 8.2 in magnitude? A 7.2 versus
a 9.2?
6. Why do you need at least three seismographs to locate an earthquake epicenter?
7. While the Mercalli scale is still used for measuring earthquake magnitude, why is it not the only
scale used? Where does it fall short relative to the Richter and Moment Magnitude scales?
8. Why is the moment magnitude scale thought to be more useful than the Richter scale for measuring
earthquake magnitudes?
9. What is the difference in energy released between a 6 and a 7 on the Richter scale? How about a 6
and a 7 on the moment magnitude scale?
10. How do seismologists use earthquake foreshocks to predict earthquakes? Why are foreshocks not
always an effective prediction tool?
11. What are the characteristics of a good earthquake prediction? Why are these features needed?
12. Why were Chinese seismologists so successful at predicting the 1975 earthquake in the Manchurian
province of Liaoning? Why did they fail to predict the 1976 Tangshan earthquake and evacuate
Guandong Province a month later needlessly?
[question is too long](Answered)

4307. How far down have geologists drilled holes?(Answered)

4515. What is the relationship between the density of Earth's layers the position of each layer?(Answered)


5180. List the four major divisions in geologic time scale:(Answered)

5204. What is a topography map?(Answered)

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