Recently Submitted Homework Problems: math

103. i do not understand this question its says mikhaails class voted for their favorite ride at space land.of 24 students,18 voted for the roller coaster.what fraction shows how many voted for the roller coaster?write your answer in simplest form

67. 3x^2 + 12x -15/ x^2 2x - 15 / 3x^2 - 3x/ 3x-x^2(Answered)

63. 2sqrt(45)(Answered)


104. a jeweler needs to mix an alloy with 16% gold content and an alloy with a 28% gold content to obtain 32oz. of a new alloy with a 25% gold content. how many oz. of each of the original alloys must be used?

111. 15 over 45 divided by 60 over 75. please try to show work if possible(Answered)

116. 12 out of 1000 women at age forty who participate in routine screening have breast cancer. 880 out of 1000 women with breast cancer will get positive mammographies. 90 out of 1000 women without breast cancer will also get positive mammographies. If 100 women in this age group undergo a routine screening, about what fraction of women with positive mammographies will actually have breast cancer?(Answered)

129. i need to get the answer to this problem by using elimination: 2x-3y=61 and 2x+y=-7(Answered)

132. i need help with this question:what is 9/10 of 80?(Answered)

136. what is the name of a 6-sided polygon?(Answered)

152. how do you solve radicals in square root?(Answered)

158. what is the inverse function(Answered)

161. describe the steps you use to convert pounds to ounces

162. Solve equation. Round to nearest hundredth if if neccessary. 11xsquared+3=5(4xsquared-3)(Answered)

164. how do you convert milliliters to liters(Answered)

179. Graphing: How do you make a T chart for the problem y=2x^2+4x-5?(Answered)

191. I need to know how to do problems like this, I want to know how to solve, and simplify them, and also finding slopes. Like these kinds of problems(Write the equation, 3x + 5y = 15, in the slope intercept form (y = mx + b))(Answered)

221. how do I find the perimeter of a polynomial?(Answered)

236. Determine the next two values in the following pattern of numbers:
1, 4, 9, 61, 52, 63, 94, ___, ___

242. if i was just given the container specification which is the shape of base is triangle, the height of box 40 in and the volume 720 cu in. the question is what dimensions were necessary for you to deteremine before you could build your box. How did you find the missing dimensions(Answered)

243. how do you find the area of a base on a 3-D rectangle?(Answered)

296. find the slope of the line that passes through the following points
(-3,1) and (4,5)(Answered)

2286. 3x+7+3x^2=0(Answered)

316. What is the ratio of 2/4 and 4/8?(Answered)

319. I need to figure out 4 to the power of 2 plus 5 to the power of 2.(Answered)

330. The trajectory of a model rocket launched from a rocket launcher on the ground at an angle of 40 degrees with an initial speed of 60 meters per second can be modeled by the parabola: 0.84x - 0.0023x2, where the x-axis is the ground. Find the height of the highest point of the trajectory and the horizontal distance the model rocket travels before hitting the ground.(Answered)

330. The trajectory of a model rocket launched from a rocket launcher on the ground at an angle of 40 degrees with an initial speed of 60 meters per second can be modeled by the parabola: 0.84x - 0.0023x2, where the x-axis is the ground. Find the height of the highest point of the trajectory and the horizontal distance the model rocket travels before hitting the ground.(Answered)

334. of 8400 adults who registered complaints with the Better Business Bureau, 10.3% complained about auto repair and service. How many complaints were made about auto repair and service?(Answered)

335. A farmer has enough space in his farm to rear 200 birds. He buys chickens at $1 each and ducklings at $2 each. He cannot spend more than $250 for purchasing the birds. What are the possible numbers of birds he can purchase?(Answered)

337. cos2x=0.32(Answered)

344. a close rectangular box measuring 72cm by 54cm by48cm externally is made up of wood find the capacity of the box in litres,the volume of woodused in making the box,and the mass of the box if the density of the wood used is 0.9g/cmcube(Answered)

361. What is the largest amount of postage that cannot be made using these stamp denominations: 17 cents, 9 cents and 5 cents? Within reason, so not a million dolalrs.(Answered)

383. Round 638,614 to the nearest hundred thousand.(Answered)

381. Calculate the percent of each letter grade assigned to the student The total percentage of all letter grades, verifying that the total is 100%. The break down is:
F 2
D 4
C 39
B 115
A 60
for a total of 200 grades.(Answered)

392. brandy has 5 apples. she buys 12 oranges, 3 apples and 4 pears .How many apples does she have now(Answered)

394. Find the value to replace the box.
how would you do this?
1 2/4 x _____ = 4 3/8(Answered)

394. Find the value to replace the box.
how would you do this?
1 2/4 x _____ = 4 3/8(Answered)

468. X has 5 base-ten blocks. She models a number that is less than 999. The number she models has a zero in the tens place and a zero in the ones place. What number is she modeling?(Answered)

477. Which is the only figure that is not parallelogram?
a. trapezoid
b. square
c. rhombus
d. rectangle(Answered)

482. my math problem that I can not figure out is 1.079 fl qt = ? ml. My book says that
1L = 1.057 fl qt. but how do i get the L to ml. (Answered)

486. What is 43 over 100 as a decimal.(Answered)

493. what is the square root of 444*111/(Answered)

496. one hundred bushels of corn are to be divided among 100 persons. men get 3 bushels each, women 2 and children 1/2. how many men, women and children are present?(Answered)

529. How many seconds in a year?(Answered)

2401. Coretta made 7 pies. She took 3 1/4 to the reunion and 1 1/2 to her work. How many pies were left over

583. round 568 to the nearest thousand(Answered)

585. Most casinos have roulette wheels. In North america these wheels have 38 slots, numbered 1 to 36, 0 and 00. The 0 and 00 slots are coloured green. Half of the remaining slots are red and the other half are black. A ball rolls around the wheel and players bet on which slot the ball will stop in. If a player guesses correctly, the casino pays out according to the type of bet.

a) calculate the house advantage, which is the casino's profit, as a percent of the total amount wagered for each of the following bets. assume that players place their bets randomly.
1) single number bet, payout ratio 35:1
2) red number bet, payout ratio 1:1
3) off number bet, payout ratio 1:1
4) 6-number group, payout ratio 5:1
5) 12-number group, payout ratio 2:1

588. I need help with this math assignment.
Explain what is wrong and why it is wrong:

1. The higher the confidence level, the narrower the confidence interval.

2. A good way to decrease a confidence interval is to increase the sample size.

3. The day before a big election, a pre-election survey showed that Candidate A got 52%, and Candidate B got 48%. The margin of error is 3%. If nothing changes, Candidate A will win.

4. If a probability distribution curve is bell-shaped, then this is a normal distributaion.

5. A normal distribution curve may be symmetric, left-skewed, or right-skewed.

6. Because the tails of the normal distribution curve are infinitely long, the total area under the curve is also infinite.

5226. On Friday, a house is haunted by a combined total of 51 ghosts, goblins and ghouls, and there were 1/2 as many ghosts as there were goblins. On Saturday, 2/3 of the ghouls each became a ghost. On Sunday, 11 of the ghosts each became a goblin, and the ratio of ghouls to goblins was then 1/3. At that time how many ghosts were there?

I need to learn how to some it(Answered)

5229. x+2/3 = 4/x+1

Solving for x(Answered)

642. 3y=x+3 4x-5=2y-3(Answered)

2862. The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 24 ft the length is 2 ft more than the width. Find the length and the width of the garden.

669. help me solve this math problem: Erica and Rachel are both 90 years old. Breena on the other hand is half again as old as she was when she was half again as old as she was when she lacked 5 years or being half as old as she is now. How old is Breena? (Answered)

776. 3 AND 7/12 divided by 2 and 2/3

818. help me solve 491 divided by 9(Answered)

957. there are 32 teams participating in a tourament. if the teams are paired for playoff, how many games will there be?(Answered)

1125. Factor the trinomial

2x^2 + 20xz +42z(Answered)

1128. Kamryn decorates rooms for a living, and gets $23.50 per hour for her advice. How many complete hours would she have to work to make about $400?(Answered)

1150. help me solve this, solve the system equations by graphing (x+y=2 and y-x=2)

1257. 9[n+2(n-2)]=45(Answered)

1183. Interest rate is 9 % and doubling time is 8 years. If you invest $5,000.00, what will it grow to in 24 years?(Answered)

1184. Help me solve this math problem 116889/669(Answered)

1240. Determine whether (-5,-1) is a solution of 4x+6y=-4. (Answered)

1198. help me solve this problem.

1203. A = {x : x is a rational number, and x can be written in decimal form with 3 or fewer places after the decimal point.}

B = {x : x can be written as k / 100, where k is an integer}

Prove that A is not a subset of B.

1214. 2sin45-cos(120)*cot300(Answered)

1232. x squared over 4 minus x equals 3(Answered)

1259. Find 2 numbers that have a sum of 100. The product of the first number and 2 times the second number should be as large as possible.(Answered)

1296. The base of a prism is an equilateral triangle that measures 7 centimeters on each side. The prisom has a height of 23 centimeters. What is the volume?(Answered)

1311. Find the number of permutations when 5 objects are taken 1 at a time(Answered)

1337. Two cakes, same size, cut into different number of slices. White cake had 4 more pieces than Choc. Six white left over and 5 choc. Together, left over pieces were equal to half a cake. If x is total number of choc pieces, what is the fraction of white cake left over in terms of x?(Answered)

1343. an employer boasts that full time bemployees have a mean income of at least $35,000. A sample of 200 employees was considered. Their mean salary was $34,000 Assume a population standard deviation of $4,000. Does her claim seem reasonable at a 0.05 level of significance? (Answered)

1354. If you have a cuboid with lengh and width as x and height as y and there is a piece of string around like when you put ribbon around a box, minus the bow. what is the length of the string L in terms of x and fixed volume in the format L=ax+b/x^2(Answered)

1371. 2+2^2 over 3 + 2^3 over 3^2+....... + 2^n+1 over 3^n. Express each sum using summation notation.(Answered)

1384. (x+17)^2 + (y-17)^2 = 4(Answered)

1386. A Wire of diameter 0.5cm is evenly wrapped on a cylinder of diameter 1.4m and length 2m so that the whole surface is covered.find the length and volume of the wire.(Answered)

1390. 5*10-x=108(Answered)

1393. A rectangular room 14 feet by 12 feet has a semicircular sitting area attached with a diameter of 12 feet. What is the total area of the room and the sitting area?(Answered)

1426. help me solve this problem...6(x+4)^2=30(Answered)

1450. whats a subtrahend?(Answered)

1473. Population: 180,765
No. of obese children: 5000

What is the method of calculating to say that one (1)in every (number of children) are obese, in relation to the population? eg. 1 in every 700 children are obese. (Answered)

1476. Which of the following points is a solution to the system of equations? -2x-3y=7 -3x-2y=3?(Answered)

1506. 3(2x-1) - (4x-2)(Answered)

1512. a farmer has 64 yards of fencing and wants to create a rectangular enclosure for his animals. What is the enclosure with the greatest area?(Answered)

1520. solve the quadratic equation by completing the square x^2+14x+34=0(Answered)

1545. The table below shows the number of hours required in each of two departments to make one unit of various products A, B and C. For example, product B requires 1 hour of time in department I and 3 hours in department II.




Find the number of units of A, B, and C which could be made if department I has 75 hours available and Department II has 65 hours available. It is necessary that all of the available hours be used.(Answered)

1541. A bag has total 40 coins of 1,2 and 5 unit denominations. If total amount value of coins is 140 then find the number of coins.(Answered)

1546. Thirty sinks in the greater St. Paul area were observed for water usage. These sinks averaged 414 liters per day. How much water was used per day in milliliters per second?

1574. Can you help me do this equation step by step 12x^2-40x-32?(Answered)

1581. simplify
-7/6 in absoulte value(Answered)

1584. Round your answer to the nearest penny. Simplify when possible.

You send 12 digital images to a printing service that charges $0.95 per print in large format and $0.16 per print in small format. Write and simplify an expression that represents the total cost if n of the 12 prints are in large format. Then find the total cost if 6 of the 12 prints are in large format.

1592. Suppose that an object is 100 pounds when it is at sea level. Find the value of C that makes the equation true. r= the sq.root of C/w. (Sea level is 3,963 miles from the center of the Earth.) (Answered)

1618. What does parametric mean?

1627. create a polynomial function with the following charateristics and persuade your reader that your polynomial really does work work as intended! there is more than one possible solution.
A. odd degree B. as x is postive infintie and y is neg infinte C. at least two roots each with a odd multiplicty D. y intercept is negative.....I need help with this problem the math book is difficult oto understand is there any one that can help(Answered)

1626. x^2+y^2-10x+4y+13=0,find its center and its radius(Answered)

1712. Help me solve this math problem... 1. In how many ways can five people sit round a circular table?. 2. In how ways can the letters of the word ELATION be arranged?.(Answered)

1715. How can I find the x-intercept and y-intercept in this equation y=5x-6?(Answered)

1732. How do you draw three planes that intersect at one point?(Answered)

1737. (x-7)^4/3=1(Answered)

1746. 2x+7-3x+4=9x-8+4x-2

1747. write the equation of a line which has x-intercept 6 and a y-intercept 11. draw a sketch of this line first(Answered)

1749. write the number 11,251 in expanded form


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