Recently Submitted Homework Problems: pre-algebra

163. Cara made some cookies for her math club bake sale. She sold 3/5 of them in the morning and 1/4 of the remaining cookies in the afternoon. If she sold 200 more cookies in the morning than in the afternoon, how many cookies did she make?(Answered)

822. Find 3 like fractions(Answered)

1468. A room is 13 ft. It needs to be painted. The ceiling is 8 ft above the floor. there are two windows int he room, each one is 3 ft by 4 ft. The door is 2.5 ft by 6.5 ft. What is the area of the wall and ceiling? 1 gallon of paint covers 64.37sq ft. How many gallons are needed to paint the room? At $23.48 a gallon, what is the cost to paint the room?(Answered)

1563. hi i need help graphing y-4=-3(x-5)

1759. using square root write a number in between 1 and 2(Answered)

2181. write an equation relating the x- and y values: {(0, 0), (1, 4), (2, 8), (3, 12), (4, 16)}(Answered)

2279. Pre Algebra Problem: A sequence is formed by adding 2 to the triple of the previous term. If the first term is 1, how many even numbers less than 10,000 would be terms of the sequence? Show the work and explain how you arrived at your answer in detail. (Answered)

2465. Can you help me solve this math problem.
For #20, Find the Mean Median and Mode. Choose the Best tendency for the problem. Explain.
33, 76, 86, 92, 86(Answered)

2553. if a person tosses a normal 6- sided die what is the probability that he will not roll a 2(Answered)

2781. Find the area of a circle with radius 19.4 m to the nearest tenth. Use 3.14 for Pi.(Answered)

3150. (2w-6)(5w+4)=10w-22-24(Answered)

3289. The original cost of a skateboard was $45.50.It is on sale at a discount of 70%. What is the dollar amount of the discount?(Answered)

3499. how do i get the y intercept with this equation x-y=-4

3851. Combine like terms.

5b + 7 + 7b - 6(Answered)


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