Recently Submitted Homework Problems: trig

1223. cos(36)cos(24)-sin(36)sin(24)(Answered)

1329. 2(SIN Theta + 1) = SIN Theta + 3(Answered)

2195. How much of a 40% alcohol solution must be mixed with 30 gallons of 18% alcohol solution to obtain a solution that is 30% alcohol? (Answered)

2269. A steep mountain is inclined 74 degree to the horizontal and rises 3400 ft above the surrounding plain. A cable car is to be installed from a point 930 ft from the base to the top of the mountain. Find the shortest length of cable needed. (Answered)

2287. a ship 54-feet wide sits 22 feet deep in still water. waves produce a heel of 7.2 degrees. if the distance from sea level to the sea bed is 28 feet, will the bottom of the ship clear the sea bed?(Answered)

3156. Write the equation of the circle that has a center at the origin and is tangent to the line with the equation 3x - 4y = 10?(Answered)

3161. Help me solve this problem

3193. How do I factor: sec^4x+sec^2xtan^2x-2tan^4x?(Answered)

3380. (1-cos)/(1+cos) =(csc-cot)2


3380. (1-cos)/(1+cos) =(csc-cot)2


3563. use identities to find the exact value of each expression: tan pi/2

3577. sin60 cos45 - cos60 sin45
write the expression as the sine, cosine , or tangent of an angle(Answered)

3863. 2cos^2x-cosx=1(Answered)

4036. sin(-9pie/2) Find the via triangle the unit circle and the trig identities(Answered)

4276. (sin t + cos t)(tan t + cot t)=sec t + csc t(Answered)

4276. (sin t + cos t)(tan t + cot t)=sec t + csc t(Answered)

4754. State the amplitude, period and starting point for each function given.
A.) y=2cos(3x+pi)

4974. verify equation is identity sin^3x*cos^2x=sinx(cos^2x-cos^4x)(Answered)

4994. help me solve this math problem (1/cot^2x)-(1/tan^2x)=sec^2x-csc^2x

5075. Tan(arctan 25)(Answered)

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