Recently Submitted Homework Problems: trigonometry

120. use a half angle identity to find the exact value- sin(75 degrees)(Answered)

412. Will someone help me prove this trig identity: (sin(x))/(1-cos(x))-(sin(x)cos(x))/(1+cos(x))=csc(x)(1+cos^2(x))
Please explain the steps.(Answered)

1212. sin x= -3/5, cos y= -7/25, x and y in quadrant 111(Answered)

1048. Graph one complete cycle of each of the following. in each case, label the axes accurately and identify the ampliture period and vertical translation for each graph. y= 4+4sin 2x(Answered)

1338. Determine the exact values of all the solutions of the equation sin^2(2x-pi/3)-cos^2(2x-pi/3)=0 over the domian [0,pi](Answered)

1488. a ladder 20 feet long leans against the side of a house. Find the height from the top of the ladder to the ground if the angle of elevation of the ladder is 80 degrees(Answered)

2027. 4^(x^2-10x+25)=1(Answered)

2027. 4^(x^2-10x+25)=1(Answered)

2070. Find all the real solutions to the equation
x squared-6x=9(Answered)

2852. tanxsin^2x=tanx(Answered)

2739. Two people are walking toward each other on a path through the park. The path runs east and west. A hot air balloon is directly above the path between them. One of the walkers, a female, sees the balloon when looking east at an angle of elevation of 46. The other walker, a male, sees the balloon looking west at an angle of elevation of 72. If the walkers are 55 yards apart, how far is the balloon from the male observer?(Answered)

3039. express 14pi/3 as a trig function of an angle in quadrant 1(Answered)

3157. Sketch the graph of y = sin x in the interval 0 is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 4 pi.(Answered)

3323. (tanx/1+secx)+(1+secx/tanx)= 2 cscx
Verify the identity(Answered)

3471. At a certain distance, the angle of elevation to the top of a building is 60. From 40 feet further back, the angle of elevation is 45. Find the height of the building. (Answered)

3596. A commercial jet is flying from Miami to Seattle. The jet's velocity with respect to the air is 580 miles/hour and its bearing is 332 degrees. The wind, at the altitude of the plane is blowing from the southwest with a velocity of 60 miles/hour.
a) Draw a figure that gives a visual representation of the situation.
b) Write the velocity of the wind as a vector in component form.
c) Write the velocity of the jet relative to the air in component form.
d) What is the speed of the jet with respect to the ground?
e) What is the true direction of the jet?

3674. 2sin^2x-2sinx-1=0

3777. cos^2 2x+4sin^2 x cos^2 x = 1(Answered)

3781. sin theta - cos theta/sin theta=1+cot theta

3795. which expression is equal to the given expression csc2x-cot2x(Answered)

3847. help me solve this problem p(x)= 1/8(2x4+3x3-16x-24)2

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