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Is it better to stay up late studying for a test?

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Is it better to stay up late studying for a test, or is it better to get 8 hours of sleep?

This is a tricky question. The answer depends on the individual student. While some students just cannot wake up in the morning and concentrate, others are more altert at dawn. However, as a rule parents discourage staying up at night and studying since they are typically, unable to monitor the progress of the student’s effort – after having spent a tiring day at work.

One very effective way is to study before going to bed; take a book to bed and dose off while reading it. Though doctors typically discourage reading in the lying down position, it has been observed that what one reads before going to sleep remains in the mind. Some students read out the answers into their mobile phone, plug on the earphones and go to sleep hearing their own voice reading out the answers to potential exam questions. This can be a good way to absorb a large amount of information in a short amount of time.

Some students stay up late just before a test.  To make this effort most effective, students should read concise answers to potential test questions, important points and formulae (for mathematics) during such late night study sessions. This is because during this time the student is not trying to learn anything from scratch but is only trying to reinforce areas where he or she feels are relatively weak. 

It is important to get sleep before the test. Therefore, never stay up the whole night before the exam. Even if you have only a few hours before having to wake up and take the test, you definitely need those few hours to rest.

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