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Is it better to study with a friend or on your own

Monday, January 11th, 2010

is it better to study with friendsEach of us would have done this – study with a friend, family or on ones own – at some point during the course of our education. Each of these options has its own positives and negatives. However, there are more positives associated with studying alone than with studying with friend or family member.

For students inclined towards education or who are naturally endowed with high intelligence, self-study is the best option. It gives them the opportunity to chalk out their own strategy for attaining success. Nothing could be better than that, as it prepares them to get used to working to achieve success in their field of work. It also gives them the opportunity to understand their shortcomings and work towards correcting them. On the contrary, if they were to study along with friends or family members who may not be as systematic, intelligent or knowledgable as they are, the possibilities of their getting slowed down by the others would be very high. That would be sad.

For students who are not inclined towards education or have problems in comprehending or learning things on their own, self-study would hardly give the good results desired by their parents. This would give rise to a lot of heartburn. In order to set right this situation, they would then have to look for help – preferably professional – such as tutors. Another option could be to look for assistance from parents, elder siblings or friends. Though this mode of assistance would not cost anything, the student may not be able to receive consistent inputs from these sources since the arrangement would be informal and without any commitment for sustained time allocation. It may not yield the desired results.

However, during exam/test periods, it is a good idea for students to study in a group as it helps them clarify issues, recap concepts and make preparing for the test more fun.

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