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Study Tips: Optimal environment for studying?

Monday, January 25th, 2010

What kind of environment is optimal for studying (light, noise, desk, chair, temperature, etc.)

optimal environment for studyingStudying is serious business. Therefore, it requires an environment conducive to extracting maximum success out of the effort. This includes the general environment in the place of study as well as among the students and teachers involved.

Students should study in a place which is well-lit. This eases the strain of the eyes and general disposition to become lethargic due to the lack of lighting. At the same time, the lighting should not be so acute that it hurts the eyes or results in general discomfiture.

The venue of studies should have enough flow of air, that is, it should be well-ventilated. This too, eases pressure on the student as adequate oxygen flow is important for the human body to function well.

Ideally, the temperature of the place where the student is studing should be ambient. However, it must be accepted that this is easier said than done as temperatures could vary between room to room and building to building. As an alternative, where control of room temperature is not easily possible, the student should wear appropriate clothing to maintain body comfort.

Seating comfort is also a vital part of being able to study well. The student should sit on a table and chair, which is comfortable, yet not too comfortable so as to induce lethargy or sleep. Typically, the student’s legs should touch the floor while sitting on the chair for the body to be able to maintain balance. The chair should be straight-backed so that long hours of studies do not result in bent back, pain in the back or neck and strained muscles.

Where teachers are also involved, care should be taken to keep the environment stress-free. An air of enquiry should be maintained so that students are motivated to ask questions as well as encouraged to give answers. This will enhance the quality of education. The end result will be high-quality studies.

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