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9th Grade Math Tutor

Does your child need a tutor for ninth grade math? At SchoolTrainer, we understand that the focus of ninth grade math tutoring will depend on which school a student is in, as well as his aptitude and goals. That’s why our ninth grade math tutors tailor each child’s tutoring program according to his unique learning needs. SchoolTrainer’s one-on-one online tutoring via our online whiteboard will provide your teenager with the skills and confidence to succeed in ninth grade algebra, geometry and probability.  Our 9th grade tutors are highly experienced professionals who can work with your child in real time via our online whiteboard to ensure that they master each of the above subject areas.


By the end of 9th grade, a student should be able to reason, order, compare and solve multi-step problems with rational and irrational numbers. He should also be able to understand the complex number system, be able to investigate and solve a number of problems and use the coordinate system. SchoolTrainer’s ninth grade online math tutoring would also expect a ninth grader to be able to solve problems with negative and positive integers (add, subtract, multiply and divide) and understand the divisibility rules, square roots and powers. He should also be able to solve a variety of problems involving capacity, mass and time, and apply trigonometry to problems involving triangles, investigate transformation in terms of rotation, reflection, translations, dilations, congruence and symmetry. In the area of algebra, a ninth grader should be able to investigate situations involving linear, quadratic, polynomial, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, and rational functions. He should also be able to pose and prove a variety of theorems, use matrices for representing data, master problems using a variety of polynomials (with first degree) using the four operations and the first degree and use inverse operations to solve variables in a formula.