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Blood – Vascular System 1

Blood – Vascular System I: Professor Diamond builds on previously introduced material about the cardiac system and introduces angiology, the study of the blood vessels. To begin, she draws a diagram of the composition of the circulatory system, showing how the arteries, arterioles, capillaries differ from veins and veinules. She also explains what blood vessels are made of and their specific functions. She then details elastic arteries (those more limited in number and closer to the heart), giving the histology of these arteries with examples including the ascending aorta and the coronary arteries. She describes the relationship between these phenomena and heart attacks and explains how the blockage of coronary arteries occurs and what is done to treat the condition. The second set of arteries covered is the muscular arteries, and Professor Diamond again discusses histology before tying this in with the illness of strokes. The lecture concludes with a slideshow of a diagram of the cardiovascular system and various photos of arteries.