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Muscular System 5; Digestive System 1

Muscular System V; Digestive System I: In this lecture, Professor Diamond continues her description of the histology of muscles and then launches her discussion of the digestive system. She discusses the histology of skeletal muscles and walks through the process of muscle contraction. Professor Diamond then transitions to the digestive system. She begins with an overview of the functions of the digestive system, including preparing food for digestion, digesting food, absorption, and preparing waste for elimination. She describes the various components of the digestive system, including the mouth, esophagus, small and large intestine, and rectum. With this foundation, Professor Diamond begins to review each component of the digestive system in detail, starting with the mouth and the teeth. She illustrates the various components of a tooth, including the crown, neck, root, enamel, dentine, pulp cavity, and root canal and touches on how this relates to tooth loss and cavities. She concludes with a brief discussion of the tongue.