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Urinary System 2; Endocrine System 1

Urinary System II; Endocrine System I: In this lecture, Professor Diamond continues discussing the urinary system before moving on to introduce the basic structure and nomenclature for the endocrine system. Within the urinary system she covers renal tubules, hormonal action, accessory structures, collecting ducts, ureter, urinary bladder, and urethra. She begins by showing the quantities of blood filtered and processed by the kidneys. She describes the filtration function of the renal tubules within the cortex of the kidney. She shows how collecting ducts lead to the ureter and discusses the action of the urinary bladder. Before moving on, she steps back in order to discuss how hormones like antidiuretic hormone (ADH) act on the urinary sytem. After this discussion of hormonal action, she returns to diagramming the structure of the ureter and urinary bladder. She describes how the variable thickness in the epithelial cells enables the bladder to change shape and how stretch receptors function. Moving forward from the bladder, she illustrates the urethra and its sections. Before closing, Professor Diamond begins her discussion of the endocrine system by discussing characteristics of the ductless glands in the endocrine system. At the end of the lecture, she shows slides illustrating components of the urinary system.