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5 ways to improve your SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) score

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

It is important for students to score as high as possible on the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) to improve their chance of getting admission into the college of their choice. Competition for the best colleges is intense, given that a couple of million students take the test every year in the US alone.

There are many vital elements in preparing for the SAT test. These include understanding the nature of the test, practicing for the test and preparing oneself mentally and physically for the test. However, the most vital part is learning for the test itself.

One could begin by talking to students who have scored very high in past tests. This will give you some perspective.

This should be followed by undertaking some research on the test itself. A lot can be gleaned from the Internet. Visit various SAT coaching centers or their websites.

Then the student might want to take a baseline test. This will provide a basic scale of measurement about the student’s capabilities – and more importantly, weaknesses. The student should then concentrate on filling up gaps in his or her knowledge, i.e. shoring up areas of weakness.

Get information on all that is permitted and not permitted in the test. This will help avoid problems at the time of taking the test.

The student should physically prepare for the SAT test. How can that be done? The SAT test requires not only knowledge but also the skills to apply the knowledge, presence of mind and calm disposition while attempting to answer tricky questions. It is important not to get flustered. Try meditation, stay cool, stay away from memory enhancing drugs, get plenty of sleep and take a shower before going to the test – this will enhance the level of alertness. The rest will all follow.

All the best!

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