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Efficiently Finishing Homework

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Doing homework always seems like a tedious task to students. But it is important that homework is done efficiently as it:

  • Helps students to revise concepts studied in class.
  • Helps students to get an insight into topics that will be covered in the class subsequently.
  • Is a form of practice of the lesson taught.

However, homework loses its purpose when done half-heartedly, or in a hurry, or when just copied from a friend in the home room. But, there are some simple tips, which will help students do homework efficiently and on time and in the process actually learn something from it while retaining what they have learnt for future reference. These pointers are as listed below:

  • Find a quiet place to do your homework—a place where you are comfortable.
  • Make sure all your books and supplies are with you before you commence homework; the fewer distractions the easier it is for students to concentrate.
  • Tackle the tougher assignments first, and leave the simpler ones for later. That way if you’re short on time later, you’ll only have easy assignments to worry about, not difficult ones.
  • If you have deadlines, make sure you first finish off assignments which are due sooner, so that you don’t panic at the last minute.
  • Healthy snacking helps keep students alert. So, it won’t hurt to have a snack bar or a fruit at the side of your table for you to munch on when you get hungry. This will also preserve the momentum with which you are working, as you won’t have to get up to take a snack break.
  • Sometimes, timing yourself makes things a little more interesting. This is good especially for math homework. For example, time yourself for ten questions and try to beat that time for the next ten. Challenging yourself and succeeding will leave you content and if you are unable to succeed, then at least you will become aware of what your weak points are.
  • If there is a heavy amount of homework, then make it a point to take breaks. Give yourself ten to twenty minutes break after every couple of hours, to take a walk, or listen to some music. This will revitalize your senses and help you get back to being alert for your work.
    Simple steps make homework easy and make students more efficient.
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