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Do You Want Your Child to Excel in Math? Online Help is the Key

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Math is one of the challenging subjects, which demands regular practice and clarity of fundamentals. Usually, the child is unable to develop this practice habit on his own. Pressure of other subjects, working parents and examination stress are some of the possible obstacles. In such cases, math tutoring is the best way out.

Math tutoring works as a multipurpose tool. It provides a consistent support to the child in building strong fundamentals, and thus, clarifying all concepts. A math tutor assists the child in every possible way to eliminate all sorts of fears regarding the subject. He inculcates a regular practice habit in the child.

No doubt, math tutoring offers a magical math help.

  • It strengthens the basics of the child
  • It reduces the stress on the child, especially during examinations
  • It develops the child’s understanding of the subject through regular practice
  • It motivates the child and instills competence in him

An easy solution to all the problems of your child, math tutoring is indeed transformative. A regular guidance easily paves way for highs scores and strong fundamental concepts. At the end, it instills a renewed spirit and confidence in the child.

5 Reasons to use a Math Tutor Online

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Online math tutors are gaining popularity because of their simple and effective approach of helping students. The Internet has whittled down boundaries between various countries and the flow of the information among teachers and students throughout the world has grown dramatically.

Why to use a math tutor online?

Online math tutoring is proving to be much better than traditional tutoring sessions due to many reasons.

  1. Without much hassle, you can get help from a math tutor online and solve all your questions fast and at minimal cost.
  2. Focused attention on the problems and individual sessions helps students in solving all kinds of math problems.
  3. Interactive animations and visuals used while teaching never fail to create the desired interest in the subject.
  4. Your math homework problems will no longer be a source of worry if you can access an efficient math tutor online.
  5. An online math tutor personalizes study programs according to each student’s capabilities.

Online tutoring assists students with planned programs that focus on the required skills. A diagnostic test is all that it takes to identify learning styles and strengths of student.  Dedicated software, flexible time schedule and a syllabus designed according to the student’s needs are only some of the advantages of being able to access a math tutor online. Just get in touch with a good math tutor online and bid goodbye to your math problems.

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How important is practice in doing well in Math?

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Math teachers often tell their students that the more they practice, the better they can perform. Nothing could be more true than that statement. But to practice, you should first know how to tackle math problems. So, let’s start at the very beginning.

Clarity – Students should attempt to bring in clarity into their math work to obtain top grades. When their teachers solve or explain math problems in class, they should copy it down legibly and properly. One should try not to use abbreviations that could be confusing later. The use of highlighters and colored pencils (to highlight the important portions) can be very effective. A good formof practice is to try the same problems back home and verify the method used as well as the answers.

Questions – Don’t take questions back home. Discuss these with the teacher or with other students who have clearly understood the concept and get the questions answered comprehensively. Then, attempt some similar questions yourself and get the concept crystal clear. This too, is a form of practice.

Model tests – Take model tests. These are available online or in other books. It is a good idea to buy books by other authors dealing with the same topics and solve the problems. This will widen the understanding of the concept and give greater confidence to the students. This form of practice can do wonders to the students’ score.

Math is a subject where students can, with practice, get a very high grade and thus improve their overall grade point average. Therefore, it is important for students to do well in math. However, as with athletes who get rusty when they do not practice for a period of time, students lose their touch if they do not practice math problems. And such practice should always be done on a piece of paper, not just by glancing at problems in a book or an answer sheet.

Math is all about practice.

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How not to panic during a math test

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

This is easier said than done. Most students, except those gifted with a special love for math, perspire at the thought of taking a math test. Actually, this panic is what begets more panic. If students learn to treat math just like other subjects, there will be no problem.

Students should however, begin the process of taking a math test by preparing properly and systematically for it. The biggest mistake students do while preparing for math tests is to leave questions unanswered. Every question needs to be answered, the concept understood and exercises done to attain clarity and confidence.

While learning math formulae or a particularly difficult problem, look at the page closely, close your eyes and try to save a photographic copy of the page in your mind. At first, it may not work. After a couple of tries, it works. Try recollecting that page and its contents a few hours later. 

Ok, now we are at the math test venue. Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and think of all the exercises you have done. Well, you have spent a lot of time preparing and you rightfully deserve good marks. So, here goes.

Take a look at the question paper. Start with the easiest ones. Do the questions at a reasonably fast clip. Once the easiest questions are answered, your confidence level will rise. Now attempt the harder ones. If the questions are from those portions which you have tried to learn through the photographic memory route, close your eyes and think back to the page. Things will fall into place. Your adrenalin will flow. You will be able to attempt the rest of the questions.

Never look around the exam hall and look for distressed faces. This will hurt your confidence. Concentrate on your work. Leave aside what you cannot readily do. Attempt such questions only if you have time.

Math tests are not impossible, and if you are well prepared there’s no reason to worry.