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I need to know how to do problems like this, I Want to know how to solve, and simplify them, and also finding slopes. Like these kinds of problems (Write the equation, 3x + 5y = 15, in the slope intercept form (y = mx + b))

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Here’s how you solve this type of question:

  1. Start with an equation like 3x + 5y = 15
  2. Move 3x to the other side, so 5y = 15 – 3x
  3. Divide both sides by 5, so y = 3 – x
  4. Another way of writing this is y = -.6x + 3, or y=mx = b, where m=-0.6 and b = 3
  5. If m = -0.6, that means that the slope =-0.6

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