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Solve them by substitution method: 5b – 3a = 2, (a-1)^2 + (b-1)^2 = 34

Saturday, July 24th, 2010


First, we can write  

Then we can substitute this into the second equation you get

We can simplify this to

If multiply both sides by 25 and expand this out we get

This can be simplified to: Or

Thus the solutions for a are 6 and -4

The solutions for b can be found by the equation (b=4 when a=6, and b=-2 then a=-4)

  • Another way to solve this is by looking at the equations graphically. When you plot the two equations, you can see there they intersect.

As you can see, they intersect at two places:

You can plug the answers into both equations to confirm that they are both true using these two values of a and b.

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