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Math Home Work Help

When does math homework help become unhelpful? At SchoolTrainer, we distinguish between legitimate math homework help, and math help that crosses the line. Tutors who teach math help the most by listening and asking questions, not by providing math answers. We believe that students should do the work, under the watchful eye of an experienced teacher, who can identify the students weaknesses and fill in the gaps where required.

There are many websites where you can find answers to math problems. In fact there is an entire industry devoted to producing math answers. The problem is that when people see math help, it often devolves into “outsourcing of homework”, which results in very little skill building. This can lead to a situation where the student does well on his or her homework (thanks to the math homework help that the student received), but does poorly on tests.

Simply providing math answers does not cross the line. For example, most math and statistics text books will have problem sets with answers listed towards the back of the book. Arriving at the answer is usually not enough for most teachers – they want to see how the student arrived at the answer. Therefore, providing answers can actually aid the learning process, as the student can keep revising his or her work until the correct way to arrive at the desired answer becomes clear.

So when does math help (including statistics help) cross the line? At SchoolTrainer, we believe math help crosses the line when the student becomes overly reliant on it and tries to pass of the solutions, along with the detailed intermediate steps, as his or her own work. That’s why SchoolTrainer limits the amount of math homework help that we provide to each student – no more than two homework problems per day.  Our tutors, who specialize in math and statics, help our students in the long run by acting as a coach, pushing them to achieve their full potential – not by simply providing math answers and doing the homework that the student should be doing. True professional who provide math homework help (or statistics help), like SchoolTrainer’s tutors, understand that the best tutor is one who motivates students to put in the effort required to master a subject.