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Honesty Policy

SchoolTrainer provides “academic coaching”, which means understanding each of our students’ strengths and weaknesses, and developing customized strategies to enable our students to perform at their peak potential. The resources we provide — step-by-step homework solutions, study material and blog — are designed to enable students to perform at their peak potential. We work hard to ensure that students do not use our help to avoid doing homework themselves, as this would defeat our purpose and would hurt our students in the long run. Ultimately, however, the choice to act with academic honor and integrity is theirs alone.

Please use SchoolTrainer responsibly. Cheating can get you in trouble or even expelled from school. It will certainly get you expelled from SchoolTrainer.

Clearly, any academic resource, online or otherwise, can be used for both learning and cheating. Before you use SchoolTrainer, please ask yourself:

  • Do I have my teacher’s permission to use this resource?
  • Do I have a real intention to learn, or am I just trying to outsource my homework?

The University of Southern California’s Director of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards, Raquel Torres-Retana, put it well in an article in USC’s Daily Trojan: “If (a student’s) purpose was having someone else do their work, that would be viewed as a violation. But if people are using it as a tutor, then it’s a tutor. It’s the same online as it would be getting help at your neighbor’s apartment.”

SchoolTrainer is committed to fostering a culture of learning and integrity, but whether or not a student’s actions amount to cheating depends on the intention of the student. If a student asks for an explanation of a physics equation, how can his or her academic coach determine that the student has both permission and an intention to learn? Ultimately, it is up to our students to act with honor and integrity – and in their own enlightened self interest.

A message to students:
Students who violate their school’s code of academic integrity are making a mistake: the cost far outweighs any potential reward. Outsourcing homework enables “completion without comprehension”, something we strongly discourage at

By registering with SchoolTrainer, students must agree never to misuse any of the information, services or materials available on or through the website. We require each of students to adhere to the following Honor Code:

Students are not allowed to and agree not to use any of the solutions, answers, materials or information available on or through the SchoolTrainer website, whether in whole or part, to cheat. Examples include:

1. Submitting any solutions from the SchoolTrainer website as your own to any teacher.

2. Using our questions and answers service to complete tests or homework when instructed not to use outside help.

3. Otherwise passing along any solutions, answers, materials or information from the website as your own.

4. Any other violation of your instructor’s or school’s academic policies with respect to cheating.

We will take immediate action against any student found violating the above Honor Code. If any student is reasonably believed to have violated the above Honor Code, we will terminate their registration and ban their use of the SchoolTrainer website.

Students may use SchoolTrainer to get learn how to solve difficult homework problems, but are expressly forbidden from violating SchoolTrainer’s Honor Code. Therefore:

  • Don’t ask SchoolTrainer’s academic coaches to complete entire assignments or write essays for you.
  • Don’t ask SchoolTrainer’s academic coaches to take quizzes, exams or tests for you.
  • Don’t post a question unless you have your teacher’s implicit or explicit permission. For example, don’t ask SchoolTrainer’s academic coaches to proofread a paper for you if your teacher says this is against their rules.
  • Don’t post a question without an honest intention to learn from one of SchoolTrainer’s academic coaches. If you just submit their work as your own, then you’re cheating.

What’s in it for you? If you adhere to SchoolTrainer’s Honor Code, you will have a chance to perform at your peak potential.
If you are found to be cheating, you will be prohibited from ever using SchoolTrainer again.

A message to educators:
We are always looking for ways to work with educators in making SchoolTrainer a beneficial resource for both them and their students.

Our academic coaches must behave responsibly too, and must not knowingly enable a student to cheat. Therefore, our policy covers both students and academic coaches.

SchoolTrainer’s academic coaches have a duty to help our students reach their peak potential, not help them cheat. Our academic coaches are expected to do the following:

  • Provide complete tutorials and explanations, not just answers. Your tutorials must include more explanation than what students would typically submit on their own.
  • Never prepare essays or papers for students.
  • Never agree to take a tests or quiz on behalf of a student.

Why should our academic coaches adhere to SchoolTrainer’s Honor Code?

  • If they are found helping other students cheat, they will be banned forever and will forfeit any fees that are due to them.
  • The best students want to learn, not cheat. Working with the best students is a pleasure.
  • Students appreciate academic coaches who provide good explanations and not just answers.

If you need to contact us about an issue regarding academic integrity, please e-mail us here.

If you would like to suggest how we can improve our efforts to ensure academic integrity, please e-mail us at [email protected].