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The beauty of Algebra lies in the fact that a “non math” person can also master it with diligence, patience and discipline. To guide you and help you achieve proficiency in Algebra, SchoolTrainer, which specializes in online algebra tutoring, has designed innovative study material along with other software tools.

Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we make sure that you have the same algebra tutor online for each lesson to increase your comfort level and help you achieve your academic goals.

What is Algebra?
Algebra is the Latin translation of the Arabic word Al-Jabr. Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, a mathematician from Persia, modern Iran wrote a book called Al-Maqala fi Hisab-al Jabr wa-al-Muqabilah, which means “Essay on the Computation of Casting and Equation” in the 9th century and the book was later translated into Latin and was called Algebra.

Why Study Algebra?
Algebra essentially solves equations and inequalities. However, one needs to understand the properties of numbers and the mathematical operations (addition, subtracting, multiplication, division, square roots, etc) used on those numbers. Algebra uses letters instead of the numbers. These letters represent numbers as they are unknown. Algebra encourages students to think logically and is used wherever one has to deal with something that is quantifiable, such as weight, volume, distance, area, temperature and time. If you want to make a career in a high technology field such as engineering, commerce, medicine, electronics, architecture, computer science or even photography you need to study Algebra. You will also need to study algebra if you are planning to take the SAT test or GED.

SchoolTrainer will provide you with a personal online algebra tutor who will customize a curriculum according to your requirements. Our whiteboard technology will help you to interact with your online algebra tutor by voice, text and sketches in real time.