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What is Arithmetic?
Everyone is familiar with this subject. Arithmetic is perhaps the most basic branch of Mathematics. It is the branch of mathematics that is the founding stone for all of its other branches. The wonder of Arithmetic is the fact that it can range from as simple as everyday calculations to complex calculations used in higher mathematics. Arithmetic by itself deals with four basic functions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers. These basic functions are generally performed between two or more numbers to arrive at a result. Advanced functions include fractions, decimals, roots, exponents and percentages. Arithmetic, when taught at the basic levels, deals mostly with real, rational and natural numbers, integers, fractions, etc. Arithmetic is a basic subject that is generally introduced in elementary schools.

Why study Arithmetic?
Being a fundamental part of mathematics, a very obvious reason that one would need to study arithmetic would be to take up mathematics as a subject for further studies or even as a career path. However there are other very important reasons that one should study arithmetic. Arithmetic is actually quite fundamental to our existence. Give it some thought: If you walked into a grocery store and paid the cashier more than what your bill actually is, how do you check if the change that has been returned to you is the correct amount or not? You would be none the wiser if you did not know how to subtract. Simple calculations of distances and sizes too would be a problem. The fact of the matter is that we use arithmetic so often in our day to day activities without even realizing it that if we did not study it at a basic and fundamental level we would actually be at quite a loss.