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Online Boolean Algebra Tutoring

Online Tutoring for Boolean Algebra

What is Boolean algebra?

Boolean algebra is best associated with the science of computers. It is used primarily in this field and to express the relationship between a group or groups of concepts or objects. These groups are also known as sets. This branch of algebra gets its name from the scientist who invented it in 1850, George Boole. Boole developed this branch to manipulate statements that are logical, algebraically. This manipulation allow one to establish whether a statement is true or false and it also establishes the fact that complex statements can be rephrased into simpler ones without their meaning changing. Boolean algebra is also called Boolean logic. The concept of Boolean algebra was taken further by two English mathematicians. This evolution resulted in a diagrammatic representation of the Boolean notations. This representation is more commonly known as Venn diagrams, named after John Venn, the mathematician and logician that first introduced the concept.

Why study Boolean algebra?

Boolean algebra is based on logic. It is also based on the theory of binary concept. Since this is an algebra that is purely logical, it is used to concepts in theory. This is not an algebra that is used to directly solve problems. Knowledge of Boolean algebra is absolutely essential if you are interested in the digital field, i.e. computers. The system of symbols of Boolean algebra is used to design networks and logic circuits for computers. Besides being important to those seeking a career in the field of computers, Boolean algebra is also must for student studying electrical engineering as it is applied in this field as well. In short if you are looking at a career that deals with objects or ideas that revolve around a binary concept, studying Boolean algebra is a subject you should definitely be considering.