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What is computer science?

Computer science as a term is one that most people are familiar with. Very basically put, it is the study of all things related to the field of computers. However, it is very often that computer science also gets mixed up with vocational areas relating to computers. A good example of this would be the information technology sector. Fields like this do not fall into the category of computer science. In order to sum up what computer science actually is, it would be safe to say that it deals with all the areas that are involved with the application and implementation of theories and techniques that have to do with the actual functioning of computers. Like most other fields computer science too has a lot of sub fields that it can be divided into, such as computer graphics and programming.

Why study computer science?
Computer science is mostly about getting things and processes that are a part of our lives and society at large, automated. The study of this subject opens up avenues to many different career options in the fields of operating systems, computer graphics, networking, computer security, database management, robotics and artificial intelligence. Studying of computer science has also proved useful in relationship to many other fields like physics, mathematics and economics, where ideas, theories and research often overlap. If you chose to study computer science at your college or university, you would study it in terms of computation theory, theory of concurrency, computer graphics, computer programming and system analysis. Since computers have over the decades become a major part of our existence, many secondary schools actually offer computer science as a subject to their students. This is done to familiarize them with basic concepts and notions so that they can specialize in the field if they want to at a later date.