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Online Differential Equations Tutoring

What are differential equations?
Differential equations generally deal with functions and one or more variables associated with these functions. You will find that equations like these are used extensively in areas like physics, engineering and even economics. The idea behind differential equations is the fact that they help solve relationships between factors where you constantly have variables. Perhaps the most familiar use of these equations is in connection with Newton’s Laws as they are studied at a high school level. Because of the use of differential equations, one can use Newton’s Laws to derive the relationship between position, velocity and acceleration of objects and the different forces that are influencing them. In short, differential equations are studied in mathematics and applied to establish and arrive at solutions that make the equation true.

Why study differential equations?
Differential equations as a subject is extremely important in the world of science and mathematics. Economics also uses the concept of differential equations considerably. Therefore anyone who intends on majoring in any of these fields should have a fair knowledge of how these equations work and how they are solved. In the field of chemistry and physics most of the fundamental laws that are used are based on differential equations. In economics and biology, these equations are used to set up model behaviors of systems that are complex and complicated. Fields related to  nuclear physics and thermodynamics use differential equations extensively. In many circumstances the study of differential equations gives one the ability to understand other fields. For example, a physicist familiar with heat conduction would be able to understand differential equations connected to certain aspects of finance.