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What is earth science?

Earth Science is basically the study of the Earth and anything related to it. While the topic sounds simple it is one of the most in-depth topics out there. The Earth in itself is a complex subject and therefore the study of anything related to it will be equally complex. Earth Science involves a lot of topics. To begin to understand it we first need to understand what studying the earth entails. Let’s start with the earth itself. There is the crust, the mantel and the core. On the crust, which is also the surface, you have the soil, water and plant and animal life. There are also rocks, precious and semi precious stones and metals that are found within the crust and the mantel. In addition to this there is everything that surrounds the earth and contributes to its functioning, like the atmosphere for example which is again broken up into parts. Nearly each one of these parts or elements that goes into making the Earth what it is, is a subject in itself, all falling under the broad definitions of Earth Sciences.

Why study earth science?
The description of what earth science is should give you enough of an idea as to who should study it and why they should study it.  Basic forms of earth science are introduced at a secondary schooling level in the form of geography and a bit in the form of sciences like physics, biology and even chemistry. At the university level these subjects become more specialized and you can choose from subjects like geology, plant biology, geophysics, atmospheric sciences, glacial sciences etc. All of these subjects are extremely useful for anyone seeking to have a career with anything that is connected to the Earth. However since the subject in itself if so large you need to be sure of what you want to specialize in.