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The English language finds its roots in Anglo Saxon England, imported via migration from the western fringes of Germany, displacing the earlier Celtic language of the Britons. It is therefore said to be a West Germanic language. With the expansion of the English empire, the language also traveled far and wide and has had a significant impact on many languages of the world.

In fact, English has permeated through all sections of society across the globe and is now used as a first or second language in several countries. Modern English can be described as the first global lingua franca and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Since English has acquired an international stature and is the preferred language in business dealings and diplomacy, it is very important for you, as a student, to learn the language. Besides, a working knowledge is essential in various professions such as medicine, software, finance, media, manufacturing industries and teaching. In order to master English and learn to use it in an international context, students often find it useful to have one-on-one coaching. While the cost of individual tutoring may seem high, consider the cost of ignorance of this fundamental requirement in your career.

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