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Online Geometry Tutoring

How can an Online Geometry Tutor help?

Our online geometry tutors build a constructive relationship with their students over time, which enhances students’ motivation to learn and understand the concepts of geomtery. Our use of latest tools and techniques in online geometry tutoring has already helped scores of students in efficiently dealing with their geometry homework and most important of all scoring good grades in their geometry tests and exams.

What is Geometry?
Geometry in ancient Greek is split into two words; geo (earth) metria (measure) and is one of the oldest branch of mathematics. It deals with the shape, size, properties of space and the relative position of various objects. In effect it is the most practical of all mathematical concepts dealing with measurements, areas and volumes of objects in the universe. One can trace back the use and evolution of geometry to 3000 B.C. when people in Egypt, Indus Valley and Mesopotamia put the geometrical concept to practical use in building their towns and buildings. The clay tablets of Babylon and ancient texts such as the Moscow Papyrus, Egyptian Rhind Papyrus, Indian Shulba Sutras, Chinese works of Mozi, Zhang Heng and Liu Hui are testimony to the fact that Geometry was put to good use by some of these great civilizations.

Why Study Geometry?
If you are interested to carve out a career in architecture, carpentry, engineering, mathematics, landscaping, woodworking, furniture design or art then you need to study and master various geometrical concepts and theorems. The visual nature of geometry is well suited for online tutoring of the geometry, and has an array of geometry online lessons to help you achieve your career goals.

SchoolTrainer’s Online Tutoring for Geometry

Our unique one to one online teaching program for grometry will also help you better understand the underlying concepts of geometry. Our costs are low compared to face-to-face tutoring and you will get an individual geometry online tutor plus a coordinator to ensure that our online geometry tutoring goes smoothly and meets your requirements.