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What is history?

None of us are alien to this subject called history. We have all studied it in its basic form in school. In simple terms history is a study of the past. However this study involves various aspects that one does not usually get into unless he or she is studying the subject. However it must be noted that the history that is studied is the events and occurrences of the past that is recorded. History sheds light on behavioral patterns, social patterns, discoveries, movements, battles etc, which were relevant in the past and have a significant impact on our present and future and the way it is shaped. Since the subject covers a wide variety of topics, history can be further subdivided into relevant groups and categories to make it easier to tackle.

Why study history?

History is an important part of academic curriculums all over the world. Some argue that the study of this subject might not be necessary at all and others might believe that history is a necessary subject for those that require it in their fields of work. The truth is that history is a very relevant subject for everyone, no matter what field you specialize in. Yes it is true that detailed studies of historical events might not be necessary unless you intend to specialize in them. History helps improve our judgment of situations and occurrences, it provides use with real examples that we can learn from, it help us develop into better thinking individuals,  and it helps us understand and be accommodating of different cultures and civilizations. Most importantly history helps us understand who we are and where we come from. Therefore, history is one of the most useful subjects to study.