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What is Linear Algebra?

Linear algebra gets its name from the space that it deals with. Linear algebra is the study of vectors and spaces that are vectors. These vector spaces are also known as linear spaces, hence linear algebra. This branch of algebra can also be applied to the study of linear transformations and to the study of linear equation systems. Mathematics today revolves around the central idea of vector spaces, and therefore linear algebra, becomes a fundamental subject for functional analysis and abstract algebra. Analytic geometry is another field where linear geometry is used in a substantial way. You will also find that it is used extensively when it comes to fields like social sciences or natural sciences. It owes its applications in these fields based on the simple fact that linear algebra can help analyze non-linear information. Linear algebra provides a good approximation for non-linear models.

Why study Linear algebra?

The most apparent reason for you to study linear algebra is if you are considering a career in the field of mathematics, especially since modern math extensively uses the concept of vector spaces. However you will find that there are other fields, both scientific and non-scientific that make use of this subject. If you are considering science, then the other fields that would require the use of linear algebra are geometry, physics, chemistry and genetics. If you are interested in fields that deal with any sort of networking, like electrical networking, traffic networking, linear equations will be a very useful subject here as well. Non-scientific fields that use linear equations are the fields of economics and sociology. The concept has also been applied to the designing of certain games. Linear equations are also especially useful to people wishing to make a career in the field of cryptography as it is especially useful in deciphering data.