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What is logic?

Logic is a discipline by itself; it involves the study of principles that follow correct reasoning and inferences that are valid. Logic includes validation and reasoning.

While logic as a subject dates back to the days of Aristotle, it is a very relevant subject in all forms of traditional education. Today logic is a valuable and very important part of fields like computer science, linguistics and mathematics.

Logic can be further subdivided into four categories: formal logic, the inference and analysis of data and subject matter that is purely formal where all data is explicit; informal logic, where the study has emphasis on arguments of natural languages; symbolic logic, the logical study of symbols; and mathematical logic, the application of logic in areas like set theory, model theory, recursion theory, and proof theory.

Why study logic?

Logic as a subject has applications in various fields purely because of the nature of the subject. Several fields use logic extensively, so if you are interested in any of these fields, it is abolutely necessary that you study the branch of logic that is applicable. Modern logic is used to a very large extend in the development of software and in the field of software technology. Digital hardware is another area in which logic is applied extensively in its simplest form. Artificial intelligence and robotics use logic or some form of logic for programming. In areas where logic is not directly used, ideas that are related to it are employed. Logic also forms an integral part of philosophy and the study of philosophy in itself. You will find that there are a lot of very well known philosophers who emphasize the need for logic in the field as it is vital to arriving at certain conclusions.