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Learning math can be as rewarding as learning a musical instrument, but it takes practice. The link between learning a musical instrument and learning math is demonstrated in studies that show that students who play a musical instrument can perform more complex arithmetical operations than those who do not. The long hours of practice, the attention to detail and the discipline it takes to learn a musical instrument are also the same habits involved in developing strong math skills. Like music, math requires three important things: practice, practice, practice. And just as the best musicians learn through one-on-one coaching, the best math students benefit from one-on-one math tutoring.

There is no shortcut to being good at math, and that’s why many of the best students work with online math tutors. SchoolTrainer’s unique online math tutoring program stresses exercises that help solidify a student’s basic math skills so that they can perform faster and more accurately, enabling them to perform better on tests and complete their homework faster. By building a relationship with an online math tutor, a student is able to enjoy math more – particularly since there’s no need to feel the frustration of being stuck on a math problem. Having one of SchoolTrainer’s online expert math tutors on your side also helps you identify your weak spots, and eliminate them by focusing the limited time available for practice on these critical areas.