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Online Physics Tutoring

Physics is one of the oldest subjects as it is essentially the study of nature and how the universe works. If taught well, it can be a fascinating subject and has connections with philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and certain branches of biology. Physics covers a wide range of natural phenomena, from sub-atomic particles to clusters of galaxies. Physics also includes the study of the basic stuff from which all other things are composed, and is therefore considered the “fundamental science”.

Unfortunately, because of the challenges of understanding the many aspects of the natural world and the mathematics that is involved – often without sufficient one-on-one time with a patient teacher – many students struggle to master the subject and end up not enjoying what should be the basis of their understanding of the world around them.

In order to keep up with and master this fascinating but challenging subject, students often find it useful to have one-on-one coaching. While the high cost of individual tutoring may seem high, consider the cost of ignorance of this fundamental science. Furthermore, an online physics tutoring program can be surprisingly affordable and can yield the same or better results than face-to-face tutoring.

To be successful, an online physics tutoring program needs to be student-centered and customized. Given the many aspects of physics, online tutoring can play an important role in guiding a student through the many challenges, including the math that is required. For students who have a particular aptitude for physics, online tutors can enhance both their knowledge and enjoyment of the subject. For other students, online physics tutors can provide just the additional boost they need to perform their best, or to help them think through difficult homework problems.

Unlike some other online tutoring companies, SchoolTrainer provides a customized approach to online physics tutoring. Our teachers see themselves as not just tutors, but as long term coaches who get to know the strengths and weaknesses of their students. This methodology is particularly effective in the subject of physics, because it recognizes that each student approaches the study of the world from his or own perspective. Having a private physics coach on a long term basis enables a student not only to achieve better grades, but also to get more enjoyment out of the subject.