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What is PreCalculus?
Pre-calculus is a foundation subject in the field of mathematics, particularly algebra. It is mainly introduced as a subject at the secondary schooling level where it is either taught as a single subject or as two separate subjects, Algebra and Trigonometry. The latter is more common.

Pre-calculus does not directly deal with the subject of calculus; it is more of a foundation for calculus. Pre-calculus is the study of subjects that are used extensively in calculus. Some of the topics that pre-calculus covers are: sets, complex and real numbers, functions (complex, rational and polynomial), polar coordinates, limits, matrices, sequences and vectors. Even though pre-calculus covers all of these topics and much more, all of these are not introduced at the same level. There is a certain amount of pre-calculus that one studies at the secondary school level. This is the basic concept. More complex topics are introduced at the college level.

Why study pre-calculus?
Virtually every field that has anything to do with mathematics or sciences uses calculus. Computer science, medicine, statistics, physical sciences, engineering, demography, business, economics etc. all use calculus for various things. Therefore pre-calculus becomes a requisite for anyone wishing to enter any of these fields. Other fields like aviation, architecture and most technologies also make use of calculus, therefore if you intend on majoring in any of these fields, pre-calculus is a must. Very simply put pre-calculus is to calculus like learning the alphabet is to reading. Another area where the study of pre-calculus can come in handy is if you intend on appearing for competitive exams. Most of these exams have basic trigonometry and algebra as a part of their areas of evaluations. The degree of complexity differs depending on the level of the examinations. Knowledge of pre-calculus will simplify these exams for you.