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What is psychology?
Psychology is basically the study of human and animal behavior. It covers various aspects of this behavior in relation to our inter-personal and social skills, our environment and our education. Psychology as a subject dates back to the medieval ages, when countries such as Egypt, India, China and Persia used it in a more philosophical context. However, this began to change under Muslim physicians and psychologist who began treating it as an experimental and clinical science, thus giving it shape to the way we know the subject today. Over the centuries, various philosophers and psychologists have had divergent views on the subject. This led to the development of several schools of thought. These schools of thought in turn have led to the distinct theories and methods of treatment as well.

Why study psychology?
Most often psychology is introduced at a basic level as a university course. It is a very popular course in itself from the point of view of a career choice or merely from the point of view of pure interest in the subject. A basic course in psychology can give you an insight into the fundamentals of human behavior. Psychology as a tool is also especially helpful in areas such as sales and marketing, where one is constantly appealing to the mind of a human being. There are also highly specialized fields of psychology, such as clinical, child, criminal, educational and developmental psychology. All of these fields or sub-fields are in depth study and analysis of psychology pertaining to that particular area. Studying specialized psychology can lead to specific career path. For example if you study criminal psychology you could be employed as part of an investigative agency; similarly, studying child psychology could land you a job as a councilor in an educational institution.