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What is set theory? Online Tutor for Set Theory

Set theory belongs to the subject of mathematics and is concerned with the study of objects in sets or collections. Now, while it is true that virtually any kind of object can be grouped or classified into a set if more than one of its kind is available, set theory is concerned with the study of groups of objects that are related to mathematics.

The system of set theory dates back to the 1870’s where it was started by Dedekind and Cantor. This was followed by the development of various axioms systems in the early part of the 20th century. Set theory is an important branch of mathematics and has various uses in a number of fields. This versatility is the reason behind it being introduced into basic level mathematics in elementary schools. Set theory in the basic form is studied with the help of Venn Diagrams. Learning set theory from an online tutor at can be a fun way to learn principles and fundamentals of the theory because an online set theory tutor would use an interactive white-board interface to draw and explain the concepts.

Why study set theory?
So who needs to study set theory? The first obvious answer to this question would be anyone who intends to be a mathematician.

Almost every branch of mathematics uses the principles of set theory and therefore it becomes one of the basic subjects that you need to know in order to study advanced mathematics. Mathematics is not the only area in which set theory is used. Set theory is also indirectly involved in the digital world. For example, everyone is aware of the fact that the creation of digital equipment (e.g. computers and calculators) uses the concept of Boolean algebra. In order to fully understand this branch of algebra you would require the use of set theory. Online Set Theory Tutoring is a growing trend because of the interactivity that Internet brings in and the flexibility of scheduling your online tutoring session. School Trainer has several skilled tutors for set theory, and they are well highly experineced in the process of providing online tutoring for set theory. Contact SchoolTrainer today to sign up for your first Online Set Theory Tutoring session.