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Online Space Science Tutoring

What is space science?

Space science deals with the study of elements that are outside of Earth’s atmosphere. In the pre-modern era, scientists referred to this study as astronomy. However, today this is no longer the case. With science advancing at the rate that it is and with new discoveries being made every day, it is no longer possible to club everything under the broad category of astronomy. Modern space science, therefore, has about 8 broad subcategories, all of which are distinct fields of their own. These categories are: galactic science, astrophysics, planetary science (non-Earth), stellar science, planet biology (other planets), space defense, space colonization and space travel. Each one of these fields has people specializing in them.  Space science is quite a popular choice of subject in universities today.

Why study space science?
Space science is most often introduced at a very basic and elementary level in schools. This is done through an introduction to the solar system, various galaxies, stars, comets and moons. This exposure acts as a base for those students who are interested in pursuing the subject further. Specializing in subjects that are a part of space science can pave the path for careers in organizations such as NASA and other space programs around the world. You should also consider taking up space studies if you are of a scientific bent of mind and you are curious about the universe at large. Many people who specialize in a branch of space science generally get into research in that particular field. For example, someone who majors in planet biology will probably end up working with an organization that studies the life-cycles of planets in our solar system as well as that of new planets that are being discovered.