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What is Statistics? How can online tutoring help in learning Statistics?

Statistics is a part of mathematical science that summarizes and analyzes mathematical data and the patterns emerging from it. Statistical tools also help in making predictions and forecasting trends based on the data and samples collected. It is said that the science of statistics originated in 1662 and has its roots in “Natural and Political Observations upon the Bills of Mortality by John Graunt.” However, since the beginning of civilization statistics has been used in a very simple form when graphic representations were used to depict the number of animals, people and other statistical data. This was recorded on the caves of the walls, skins or stone slabs by sticks of coal or wood. The Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese all displayed the use of statistics in their government records.

Statistics has a wide range of applications in social sciences, pure sciences, governments, industries, medicine, environment, any kind of survey, market research and humanities. Learning the principles and fundamentals of staistics form our online statistics tutors can be fun and rewarding. provides academic coaching for statistics and our statistics online tutors are specially trained in taking online tutoring sessions. We use a wide variety of technologies to help our students get the full benefit of the courses they have applied for. Online statistics tutoring, especially is made interesting with visual presentations and practical problems using real data. Our online staistics tutoring is customized to your needs; we have courses to fit every budget and skill level.