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What is Trigonometry? How can an Online Trigonometry Tutor Help?

Trigonometry is also known as “trig”. This branch of mathematics deals specifically with the study of triangles, right angled triangles in particular. Trigonometry examines the relationship between the sides of a triangle in relationship to the angle between them. The word itself is a derivative of two Greek words ‘trigonon’ and ‘metron’ which mean triangle and measure respectively. Because of its uses in fields of mathematics that are pure and applied, Trigonometry is most often introduced at the secondary level of education.

Trigonometry is essential in most fields of technology and science. In addition to basic Trigonometry there is also another branch that is known as spherical trigonometry. This field studies the relationship of triangle on spheres and is of prime importance to fields like navigation and astronomy. Our online trigonometry tutors can help you with all problems related to trigonometry. Online trigonometry tutoring can be a fun way to learn and imbibe the fundamentals of this field of Mathematics.

Why study Trigonometry?
Trigonometry is one of the most versatile branches of mathematics. It is applied to a wide spectrum of fields, thus almost making it a pre-requisite for the study of science. Trigonometry is essential for careers in navigation, astronomy, chemistry, biology, civil engineering, architecture, medical machinery and pharmacology. Trigonometry is also a very useful subject for those entering the financial world. It is an effective tool used to analyze the financial markets. Fields of seismology and oceanography also make extensive use of the subject.   For most of the above mentioned fields, especially for ones like navigation and astronomy, it is easy see how Trigonometry could be used. In fact, there are very few fields that actually do not have a use for this branch of mathematics. The subject is also a necessity for students who are interested in the field of music, especially when it comes to acoustics and music theory.