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SAT can be both challenging and an easy experience, the difference between the two is the right approach. Our SAT tutors through their years of experience have broken down and analyzed SAT thoroughly. This test is structured such that it helps to measure the literacy and writing skills of the applicant to gain academic success in college.

It is the skills that you learned in school that will come into play to solve and analyze problems in the test. Our SAT tutors at SchoolTrainer will help you realize your potential and will make you understand what it takes to crack the SAT’s.

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SAT tutors at Schooltrainer take great pains to ensure that our students get very high scores in SAT:

  • Our SAT tutors give you personalized attention so that you can connect better.
  • No matter what you level of preparation is, our SAT tutors customize the curriculum to suit you the best.
  • The extensive practice sets, prepared by our SAT tutors help you to both gauge and increase your performance.

SAT tutors for all sections and timeframes

SAT consists of 3 major sections which are mathematics, critical reading and writing. SchoolTrainer provides you our expert SAT tutors with the required skills in order to prepare you for each section. Also our innovative ways of teaching and unique study material will provide you the required knowledge base for the exam and hence boost your confidence. The course curriculum is also planned by our tutors according to your preference.

You can schedule a session with our SAT tutor or plan an instant session as and when required so you don’t have to worry even if you are a nocturnal or a morning person. While studying online one-to-one with a SAT tutor will familiarize you with the environment that you need to get used to in order to do well in this exam.