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How to predict the questions on next week’s test?

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Getting to know the questions that could possibly be asked in the ensuing week’s test can be of great help for students to score well. But most students are unable to find out the “jackpot questions” in the normal course of studies. Yet, it is not an impossible task to find out. Let’s see how it can be done.

Students need to keep a keen ear to hear the questions on which the teacher lays stress in the days preceding the test. Teachers generally lay stress on such questions – without of course, making it evident that the questions would be asked in the ensuing test – so that students learn the topic and are able to answer the questions.

Another way is to look for topics which are covered in great detail in the class. Though all topics are important, in the run-up to the test the teacher may cover certain topics/questions in great detail. Make a note of these, as there’s a good chance that these questions will find their way into the exam.

Ask the teacher how the questions would be – essay, multiple choices or a mix of both. Also, find out the time span over which the test would be held. Students can also find clues to possible questions from the previous years’ tests. This would entail seeking inputs from students who took the same course in previous years.

Sometimes teachers ask the students whether they have understood certain topics well and make the effort to repeat them. If this is done a few days before a test, there is a high likelihood that some questions relating to the topic will appear in the test.  Also, students need to do some introspection and identify the topics that they find most difficult. In many cases, these would be tricky topics and could well appear in the test.

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