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Ways to improve your concentration power

Monday, January 11th, 2010

improve concentration powerEver seen an act of magic? They say it’s just a sleight of hand coupled with a lot of talk, which actually distracts the audience’s concentration. The entire audience is led to believe the most bizarre of things, thanks to the magician’s skill at distracting the audience’s normal concentration powers.

This actually showcases the importance of the powers of concentration. Yoga, the Indian art of maintaining a balance between the mind, body and spirit, is often cited as one of the most potent means of improving your powers of concentration. It helps focus the mind and the body, which it turn helps achieve remarkable feats. This focus of the mind and body helps to attain a kind of equilibrium. Kung Fu, the Japanese martial art, is another means of enhancing the powers of concentration. However, Kung Fu is used mostly for self-defense.

For students, honing the powers of concentration is important. For this, they need to sleep well, eat well and keep away from tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks and very fatty fast foods, which result in slothfulness. During the course of study, they need to break up the work spread over several hours. They should take breaks, say of two to three minutes after every half hour or for five minutes after every hour. This could also be done after the successful completion of a specified portion of the studies. The break should be used to walk around, get a drink of water, exercise the neck or visit the washroom.

Look at each page you read. Close your eyes and picturize the page. Try and save a ‘photocopy’ of the page in your mind. At the exam venue, again close your eyes and try to visualize the page. If you have done your exercise honestly, it will re-appear.

Jot down your ideas. For this, carry a jotting pad and a pen everywhere. One never knows when inspiration strikes. Once you develop this habit, ideas keep coming to you. And once you elaborate on them in your spare time, it could result in the writing of a book, blog, column or making a film. There’s really no end to the things that you can actually achieve with a little bit of concentration.

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